About us

The history of the Rosso Corsa color begins in 1907, when Prince Scipione Borghese of Italy won the historic Peking-to-Paris Race in his legendary Itala painted in a particular shade of red.  To honor his achievement, Italy adopted the color of Borghese’s Itala as the racing color of all Italian teams entering Formula 1.  As such, Rosso Corsa (Racing Red) inevitably symbolizes the passion, love and dedication of those who seek the thrill and adventure of racing – be that the drivers, the entire teams or the fans. 

From the racing track, the Rosso Corsa shade has spread its glow to cover exotic automobiles and racing accessories.  And, because women have always inspired the world of racing with their presence, fashion garments have been painted in the Rosso Corsa color to highlight their beauty. 

On the color spectrum, Rosso Corsa appears as a unique shade of red – warm, vibrant and powerful. It emanates passion, excitement and unforgiving beauty! 

And so, as we studied the origins, the meaning and the characteristics of Rosso Corsa, we discovered that Rosso Corsa is more than just a color.  It is a concept that captures the racing and inspirational power within all of us… Rosso Corsa celebrates the beauty in every woman, the passion in every man and the ultimate uniqueness of every human being! 

We start in the heart of San Francisco with a boutique collection for women.  As we continue along the path of Rosso Corsa, we will present our male collection and add more items to the female one.